Commercial skipping with Roku 3?

Is the 30 second skip ahead and 20 back allowed using a Roku 3? Man I hope so. I’m installing my Tablo tonight and it’s a must for me.

If you use the arrow keys on the remote, the right arrow skips ahead 10 seconds, and the left arrow rewinds 10 seconds.  There is no preview of what you are skipping/rewinding to, but you do see the time of the program.

If you hit the ff button, it has three speeds to advance the show.  I use that when I want to go ahead fast (like a sports show).  The rewind button also has three speeds as well.

Got it. Can’t wait to set it up tonight.

Thanks again

You’re welcome.  I love to help!

For what it’s worth, I hit fast forward twice and watch the screen time tick up 3 minutes.  After a little bit of practice, I’m at about 90% accuracy +/- 5 seconds

Too bad there isn’t a “one click forward 30 seconds” button for the Roku.

That’s in the works, thusband.  Or at least being able to set the duration of the skip.

Yes, some second thoughts on this. If it’s only a 10 second skip you’ll be pressing that right arrow a whole bunch of times during a typical commercial break.  I don’t think I’m going to like that

@thusband - It seems the skip time is different based on the Roku model you have so we’re working on making the skip unified across all Rokus and bringing it in line with our other interfaces. 

Will the new roku app have an easy way to skip ads? Maybe a 30 second skip? I currently have the dish network hopper which auto skips ads so I am a bit spoilt. If tablo at some point can get to this that would be awesome. Skipping ads in the current roku app is painful to say the least.

By the way, any ETA on the new roku app? :slight_smile: