Commercial Skip Working Part of the Time

Hello everybody. The last couple of days I have had the commercial skip fail on 3 of my recordings and half working when it works. Has anybody else having problems as well. I dont think Tablo has all of the bugs worked out of it yet. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am about to the point of canceling the commercial skip if it is going to be this much trouble

Hi there - Sorry you’re having a rough time with Automatic Commercial Skip.

What error messages are you seeing?

And when you say skipping is ‘half working’ can you elaborate on this or provide some examples?

the error says commercial skip failed on recording. the other issue is the yellow bars show up on the progress bar were the commercials are but it will not skip over them and the channel i am recording has very good signal. its like it has a mind of its own and just does whatever it wants

What device are you using to watch your recordings when you’re seeing this issue?

Is it just playing through the entire commercial break? Are you using the remote when that happens?

If you do navigate into the yellow section using the remote, the DVR will think that you do want to see that section of video and will not skip it.

OP is using a TiVo Stream 4K. They started another thread with this issue, see below.

I am using a Tivo Stream 4K and a Roku Premier and it does the same thing on both devices. The recordings are fine and play great all except the commercial skip