"Commercial Skip Trial Ending - Don't Forget to Subscribe!"

REMINDER - Automatic Commercial Skip Free Trial Ends Today

Just got this email. I think CS has been active for about a year and a half, and when tried it back then it wasn’t bad. I’m sure it’s gotten better - and by now Nuvyyo has a good idea of server/bandwidth costs. So…

Even though $24 a year for this service is very reasonable, please reconsider making me a lifetime offer I can’t (and won’t) refuse. How about $100? $150?

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When CS first became a paid service(2/1/20) I ask for this. But even though the guide subscription works like this, tablo seemed (?) by the possibility of using my future service cash payment for free.

Of course it could be that they don’t know what future costs will be.

Yeah, that’s the way I was looking at it too. It’s win-win; they get a big cash inflow to invest as they please, and types like me who won’t pay monthly for a service like this (especially with thumbnail FF/RW working so well) but would pay an exorbitant amount just to have the feature “in the can” each get something valuable. They should at least consider a limited-time lifetime offer to gauge interest and assess profit potential.

It seems commercial skip was enabled by Tablo. I do not recall doing so myself. But when I tried to watch my recording of Meet The Press on Sunday, 9/27/20, I noticed that the yellow dashes indicating commercial breaks did not correspond with the actual breaks in the program. In other words, it was skipping program content while not skipping most commercials. It was unwatchable. I disabled CS and was able to find the program intact on Peacock. It’s been quite a while since the feature was rolled out so I was surprised and disappointed (and quite pissed off at the time) that it is still performing so poorly.

With all the prior comments and users believing they had a lifetime membership – there are a lot of interest. As noted, they may not know their future cost, or found out the hard way, lifetime options end up as a profit loss.

Hmm, just checked mine and I see it’s enabled as well. They must have done this for us as part of the 14 day trial which expires today. I hope they don’t forget to disable it…

If Commercial Skip Detection was enabled on your device previously, it would have been enabled again during the trial. It will automatically turn ‘OFF’ again if your Tablo doesn’t report having access to Premium Service which it won’t if you don’t subscribe.