Commercial Skip Not Skipping


I am seeing all the commercials as usual on completed recordings. Also, “Full” for remote access is the only option as checked, that’s fine, but it is streaming at a lower setting, taking a very long time to load and poor quality. I’d like the previous version restored please. Unhappy, unless corrected. I’ll call for support on Monday.


What playback device? If you are using the OG Fire TV app, this is known issue which will be fixed. See thread below. Give the new Fire TV PREVIEW app a try for commercial skip.

Remote Streaming Quality is specific to each playback device, it is usually not affected by firmware updates. The RSQ is working fine on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, website in the Chrome browser.

I will note commercial skip is not available on smartphones, tablets, and via on the Chrome browser. It only works on the Roku, Apple TV and NEW Fire TV PREVIEW apps, where these 3 apps do not support remove viewing (Tablo Connect).