Commercial Skip Not Skipping

I am seeing all the commercials as usual on completed recordings. Also, “Full” for remote access is the only option as checked, that’s fine, but it is streaming at a lower setting, taking a very long time to load and poor quality. I’d like the previous version restored please. Unhappy, unless corrected. I’ll call for support on Monday.

What playback device? If you are using the OG Fire TV app, this is known issue which will be fixed. See thread below. Give the new Fire TV PREVIEW app a try for commercial skip.

Remote Streaming Quality is specific to each playback device, it is usually not affected by firmware updates. The RSQ is working fine on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, website in the Chrome browser.

I will note commercial skip is not available on smartphones, tablets, and via on the Chrome browser. It only works on the Roku, Apple TV and NEW Fire TV PREVIEW apps, where these 3 apps do not support remove viewing (Tablo Connect).

Recorded The Voice last night. Watched the first hour and then went to bed. This morning we’re watching the rest.
Over night it got processed for commercial skip. I can see the bold yellow on the timeline. However it’s not skipping. We are manually forwarding through the commercials using the thumbnails.

Expected behavior would be that if it’s processed, and we see the yellow marks on the timeline, it should skip.

So this is a show that was recording for about 15 minutes before we started watching. There was no commercial skip at that time because it was not done recording and not processed. This was expected.
Turned off the TV and went to bed after watching half of the show.
Resumed the recording this morning, saw it was processed.
Not skipping.

My wife noticed the timeline said we still had over an hour of the show left after we watched it end. The recording includes the local news broadcast that followed The Voice and that news program was not scheduled to record.
I’m guessing since The Voice was a live broadcast, the Tablo “ran long”. Signal strength is excellent on this channel.

What if you now try playing the recording from the start / beginning? Mark the recording as ‘watched’ and then ‘unwatched’ to reset it to the beginning. Does com skip work now?

What playback device are you using?

We’re using a Roku Ultra. Still watching the recording to see what else it does. It just cut off the news mid-story and now it’s showing the beginning of Jimmy Fallon late show. Waiting to see if it skips during this show. I’ll do what you suggested when we’re done watching it though.

Interesting… it’s skipping commercials on the Jimmy Fallon show.
This is all still just one recording that grabbed The Voice (as scheduled) and then kept going and got the local news and the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The timeline has some blank thumbnails and shows only 7 minutes left of the recording so it obviously didn’t record the whole show with Jimmy Fallon. Title of the timeline still says:
The Voice - S16E23 - Live Finale, Part 2

Edit 2 …
Yeah, it’s messed up. Marked Watched, then Unwatched. Started it over. It gets to where it should skip and skips the first 2 commercials and then plays the next 3 or however many are left in that “break”.
An example of a live show wreaking have with commercial markers in the broadcast stream? Or just an example of where the algorithms need more work?

The reason it recorded longer than usual is the episode is marked as a ‘finale’, the recording is extended 50% for all finale episodes. So a 60 min episode becomes a 90 min recording.

This recorded 3 hours.
Actually that’s correct because it was a 2 hour show. So it added 50%

The commercial skip is still messed up and the fact that there are blank thumbnails… I mean like several in a row here and there through the recording… says something burped.

Using Chrome I’m not seeing any commercial skipping functionality. Is this not a thing in Chrome yet?

No, it is only available on TV streaming boxes