Commercial skip issue

So I tried commercial skip and don’t care for it. I went into my Tablo and turned it to off. That was a few days ago. I just checked and it was now on again. I’ve turned it off again, so I’m hoping it sticks this time.

Tablo needs to make sure that off stays OFF. I saw a post on reddit where a guy reverted to an older software to get rid of commercial skip because of bandwidth issues. Right now, I have unlimited, so that wouldn’t be an issue, but I’m moving soon and will hit caps. I don’t want Tablo burning thru data, so if I have to revert, tell me how I can do that.

Turned it off in Settings (the global setting) or just on the playback device (i.e. using the down button on a Roku to access the playback toggle)?

Turned it off in settings. Both times.

HI, I saw your post on commercial skip, myself I don’t like it, I’m wondering if it caused buffering issues for you? I shut mine off also and seems better. Did you have any buffering issues?I found that half the times it did not work correctly anyway. Thanks ,Jim

Maybe a little buffering, nothing major. Besides the fact that it uses a substantial amount of data, I don’t like that it can’t eliminate ALL commercials. I find it a pain to remember to advance on some shows and not on others. Easier just to have one method, at least for me. I had some real issues with a few ‘regular’ shows too.

I had a Tivo that had commercial skip and it was near flawless. That said, I’m happier overall with my Tablo, just not the skip feature.

Thanks for the info, I feel the same on the skip feature being sporadic, and thats why I turned it off alsoI was not sure if it increased the buffering but is sure made it worse.