Commercial Skip glitch?

Why am I getting “Commercial Skip upload failed” on some programs and not others? The programs I’m getting this on were fine a week ago. What has changed?

Commercial Skip upload failed
This message indicates that your Tablo was unable to upload data to the commercial skip server due to an internet connectivity slowdown or outage on your Tablo’s home network. If you see this message regularly, please check your Tablo’s connection to the internet and ensure that your ISP upload speed meets the minimum requirement of 1 Mbps (although 3 Mbps is recommended).

Error messages are often vague and generalized, but that’s the explanation provided.

Programs around this program uploaded fine and CS worked as it should. I also did not delete the program because it had no error message day 1. The next day it had the error message. By then I had 5 or 6 other programs that had CS successfully uploaded. Also, the channel this program is on has a strong signal.

It’s just this one program that stopped working with CS. What would make that happen?

yesterday there was 4 in a row with upload failed. The 3 from today had no message. maybe it’s still thinking.

Must be caused by chinese spy balloon.

Good to know I’m not the only one. It looks like more programs are getting this error today. I just checked my upload speed and its 12Mbps. I wonder if a reset is in order?

I had two shows with the same error message yesterday. It appears that the Commercial Skip server is down. So, I doubt there is anything you can do to fix the problem.

Hopefully @TabloSupport is aware and is working on the problem.

Yeah, could be the server. It would be nice if @TabloSupport would let us know.

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Is the commercial skip server down. I have tried all of the troubleshooting to no avail. Thanks for the update on this issue

Hi folks - There is indeed a problem with the Automatic Commercial Skip Servers.

We’re investigating now and hope to have more information and a resolution soon.

Stay tuned!

Hi everyone,

The issue should now be resolved. The Automatic Commercial Skip Server will now be making its way through a backlog of recordings to process. However, the backlog has a limit, so only recordings from yesterday in the later afternoon and onward will likely be processed. There are several other factors taken into account as well that could affect which recordings get processed, but that’s an approximate timeline.

You should see any applicable recordings get the commercial skip success indicator within a day or two if it has been part of the batch that got processed.

Thanks for letting us know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tag TABLO, it’s been broke for like a week though, any updates

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Again, it looks like CS is down. Tablo, is the server down again? I wish you could tell us when there is a problem, so we don’t have to trouble shoot ourselves!