Commercial Skip Function Problems

I am new to Tablo and picked up a Quad. The unit itself is great and works great. I mainly got this for the commercial skipping. I dont mind paying for it. However… most of the shows I watch are on our local CW affiliate. And Tablo will not skip any shows on this station. It works on other stations, but not CW. I get an error talking about the signal not being good. But I hooked a signal tester to the antenna (Roof Mounted) and the signal is 100% and stays that way. Towers are 16 miles away.

I have a support ticket in but got nothing from them yet. Any thoughts or ideas other there ?

Thanks in advance!

That sounds like you might be getting too strong of a signal (which is a thing) which can cause errors in the broadcast stream.

With you being so close to your local towers, a big outdoor antenna can often be overkill.

An attenuator may help or you might try tweaking the position of the antenna and pointing it slightly off the angle of your local towers.

Sounds good. I will give the Attenuator a try and advise on my findings. Thanks!


If you are close to any cell towers I suggest you install an LTE filter. Cell phone transmissions can really mess up your TV reception.

So I tried the Attenuator with no luck. I got enough to go up to 30db and even with all of them connected, it still will not commercial skip that CW Channel. Any other thoughts on what the problem could be ? I am not that close to LTE towers, so I dont think that would be an issue. But honestly who knows. Other channels are working great. Fox, CBS, just CW is not working.

If you send our support team a ticket, we may be able to get a little more detail on why some of these are failing.