Commercial Skip Failing

Over the last month a majority of my recordings have had commercial skip fail. Previously that only happened rarely. Tablo is wired and has no connection problems. Recordings are not showing any pixelation indicating a reception issue.

Have you checked this list

By the time a reception issue gets bad enough for picture breakup, it likely wouldn’t be processed for Automatic Commercial Skip in the first place.

The error messages you’re seeing on your completed recordings that have been processed should give you an indication as to the casue:

Yes, grandfathered in. Been on commercial skip since it was in beta and the programs are not on the list.

A few say reception, but most are just the general failure error.

“OTHER FAILURE Commercial Skip detection failed.”

Being “grandfathered in” (either you were paying for a subscription or you weren’t) or how long you’ve been using it is irrelevant, whether or not programs or networks listed or not will make the difference.

There have never been any documentation or post reference as to what constitutes a “reception issue” to any tablo. Sadly “bad reception” can be defined as just-because aka generic error response.

You linked to an article that mentioned the service going away hence the comment about being grandfathered into the service. This is true as long as the subscription is maintained or Tablo changes the rules.

The article was mainly about types and specific programs that are not eligible, which lead to the reply that the specific programs are nor on the list, not are the channels. Perhaps you were intending a different link?

The specific error message on most the failures do not mention reception issues.

Before I go -

The article - Programs & Networks Ineligible (Filtered) for Automatic Commercial Skip may have had a disclaimer in bold red, but it was not the topic of the article.

I was just a possibility why some recordings may not suddenly have commercial skip.

You mentioned -

I suggested a “reception issue” may not be defined by “pixelation”. There may be what ever tablo considers to be a “reception issue” regardless of the existence of pixelation.

Best option: or Submit a request – Tablo

I may have figured out the cause. It looks like the internal hard drive in the Quad is starting to fail. Ordered a replacement so I’ll see if that fixes the commercial skip too.

Update: Appears to be confirmed. 1st few recordings with the new hard drive worked perfectly. For information purposes this is on a Quad with included HD from the first release.