Commercial Skip enhancemeneet

Commercial Skip needs an option to NOT do shows that WE select. Example: “Through the Decades” on DECADES Channel frequently messes up commercial skip. I’ve reported it before but no fix. I want to STOP commercial skip on that program. I did subscribe to it BUT if this problem is not fixed in a year, I will cancel.

You can disable skips on any recording within the playback window:

  • On Roku - Press down on the D-pad for Options
  • On Amazon Fire TV/Android TV - Press down on the D-pad for Settings
  • On Apple TV - Swipe down on the touchpad for Settings

This will turn the marked commercial breaks grey. They will still be identified but the skips won’t happen automatically so you can have more control over your viewing for this show.

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Beastman you probably need to give up.

They either don’t understand the feature, don’t realise other products have it, or like to play other features off as the same.

It’s hard to want to charge for a feature due to cloud costs while ignoring feature that would reduce usage

It would have been easier to say “not currently planned”

@TabloTV Why waste my bandwidth and yours for a show that commercial skip doesn’t work on?

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