Commercial Skip Detection Feature Disappeared

I have been using Commercial skip detection for the past few weeks. I have the latest Tablo Firmware 2.2.26.

Today, I noticed my recordings no longer have this feature. Under settings this new feature has “disappeared” from the menu choices. I am using a Tablo Dual Lite and a Roku Ultra streaming box.

Has anyone else in the community experienced this same issue? Any solutions on how I can get this new feature back?


Steve Z

Same here.
Edit: Fixed it…I noticed the post about the temporary subscription disruption, so I refreshed my subscription in settings at and that brought the setting back in my apps.

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Did you check your guide subscription status in the settings page?

They had some issues with a server.

You might have to click on the Refresh button.

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That was it…beat me to it.

Thanks! Commercial Skip Detection is back and listed in my Tablo Settings.

Hitting the Refresh button did it!

Really? I noticed the same but hitting “guide refresh” does nothing for me… Any input from @TabloSupport ?

Did you refresh the subscription, not the guide update? Also, from the web browser, not the app?

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Yeah, was hitting refresh subscription, but didn’t appear to do anything. Get lost and frustrated by all the different access methods (app, browser, Roku, etc.) not working consistently.

It’s back now.

But wondering how long it’s been gone, and why again Tablo doesn’t send out an email blast to it’s subscribers to indicate there is / was a problem and here’s how to fix it…

Sad customer focus in my opinion.

They DID send out an e-mail earlier today. I received it @ 5:06 Central.

Hmmm… I got the marketing email at 2 pm, subject “cord cutting this week…” but nothing about this issue. So I know they have my email address… Is this something one needs to ‘opt in’ to receive?

If you DM me your email I can make sure you’re subscribed.

We believe we had sent the email out to all the potential affected users, but it could be that we don’t have your email on that list or that you had previously opted out of that list.