Comet TV now available

Comet TV is now available on ROKU and AppleTV 4th gen. It’s been OTA in San Antonii but not in Austin.

I only just discovered Comet TV after upgrading my Antenna. It’s coming to me OTA out of Buffalo.

I bet I can’t get the Roku app in Canada. :frowning:

I get Comet through my local CBS affiliate on a sub channel. I like it for old MST 3K’s :slight_smile: !

Nope - tried this a.m. on Roku & Apple TV in the office.

The Comet app on my Roku (just installed a few minutes ago) looks to be the east coast feed. Shows are coming on 3 hours earlier than my local OTA broadcasts. Gotta love it!

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Not to derail, but if people are enjoying this, I would also recommend the Pluto TV app on Apple TV and Roku. The interface on Apple TV is probably the best “live” TV viewing experience I have seen, it’s a really phenomenal app, I’d love to see Tablo “steal” (borrow sounds better) their PIP guide setup. They also have an MSK 3K channel, running round the clock. World news is great too.

Pluto TV has a nice app on the Roku platform as well, also with PIP. It would be nice to see that on the Tablo as well, but only if it doesn’t introduce new bugs into the software.