Comercial skip WAS working

Comercial skip WAS working but about a week ago it stopped. I have many recordings that say “Comercial skip is ready” but it ain’t happening. I thought I saw something while watching a recorded show about comskip operation and that is when it stopped working. Was trying to look if there was a way to turn it back on but there obviously isn’t.
Doesn’t look like anyone here has had this problem since I didn’t find anything while searching on this forum. I would put in a ticket for this if I knew how.
Any ideas?

How to Disable Automatic Commercial Skip

Okay, thanks - this works BUT I now have to turn the feature off and back on for each and every show and I never had to do that before and it should not be necessary to do so.

Zippy, thanks for your quick and helpful response. Can’t believe that I forgot to thank you!

Submit a request – Tablo

What device are you seeing this on?

I have had problems with the Commercial Skip from day 1. It is a hit and miss with mine so I guess we will have to live with it until Tablo decides to fix it

I’ll say this again… commercial skipping is one of the mystical “dark arts”.

With that said, I think Tablo’s commercial skipping is decent. You just have to have lived in “that space” to understand how difficult it is to do.

Also realize that commercials are revenue. So broadcasters are going to invest some energy in defeating detection mechanisms.

This comment adds nothing to this thread to help the OP. The OP is asking why even when recordings are marked as successfully processed for commercial skip the commercials are not being skipped. The case here is the OP likely turned off commercial skip during playback on that specific playback device.

The global setting on the Tablo itself is whether the recordings will be processed for commercial skip. And the setting during playback on each playback device is specific to each device on whether you actually want to skip the marked commercials during playback.