Comcast to increase data cap to 1 TB a month

This will start in June. That will save me $35 a month that I was paying extra for unlimited cap space. While I regularly exceeded the old cap of 300 GB, I never came close to 1 TB.

I still may switch to Google Fiber if it comes to my neighborhood (the first rollout is happening in a couple of condo developments in downtown Nashville right now), but I have been mostly pleased with Comcast these past few months.

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Well with the Charter merger with TWC they are supposed to not impose any caps, probably forced Comcast to do something to look somewhat decent :stuck_out_tongue: . But good news for you!

Oh google fiber is my dream :heart_eyes:

That is good news. I need to find out more about that because when I was talking to customer service last Saturday about picking up my upgraded router we were discussing my data plan and she reminded me I had a 350 cap. That announcement does say effective in June so what she told me is true for now but I may be calling them back and ask if I don’t get an email from Comcast about it soon.

Now that it is June 1, my data cap was indeed raised to 1 TB. Yay!

I hit my 300 GB limit last month on May 15, so I have been trying to have my family limit their usage (the Tablo was one of the few safe streaming options). We still hit 425 GB for the month. With a full terabyte, I don’t have any worries.

Caps? What are those? :wink:

Yeah, the Comcast caps really stink. When I first signed up with them after ditching Windstream I hit my 300GB cap all the time. I got tired of it so I upgraded to Business class service. Now I get 50down/10up for the same price every month with NO CAPS at all. I love watching my usage meter on my router spinning like crazy. :wink: