Cloud Storage History

In another thread I saw Tablo used to have cloud storage available, when was that and how long did it last? Wouldn’t be interested in such a service myself just curious.

I believe it was introduced along with the Tablo Dual 64 & Tablo Dual LITE sometime around 2018, maybe. It somewhat quietly faded away… I don’t know, couple years ago.

@djk44883 is correct. It was introduced with the Tablo Dual LITE back in 2018 as a free service. You could either use the cloud for storage or you could buy a hard drive like all other Tablos.

It was back when the Tablo folks were experimenting with making the Tablos not need the user to buy a hard drive. The Dual 64 had built in storage and the Lite had the option of cloud storage.

The Cloud DVR offered 64 GB of storage space. As a free service, it was tolerable, but in 2019 it became a paid service for $4.99 a month. Here is my list of it’s shortcomings after that:

  1. You can get a decent 1 TB portable drive for $50. Unless you are going to use a Tablo for a few months, it is way cheaper and more space to buy a drive.
  2. Cloud recording did not support commercial skip.
  3. Cloud storage created a lot more internet traffic, as the data was stored on the cloud and not your home network. Unless you had uncapped data, there was more of a chance to hit your data cap.

I haven’t seen anything that says it has gone away, but since it was only available on the Dual LITE model which is pretty old (2018), I doubt there are many users on it if any. By now, I would imagine everyone has migrated to their own drive.

It was an interesting option but not for me either. I bet more people would be interested if Tablo could legally host the entire DVR. A service tried that but did not survive the legal battle sadly. I know lot’s of people can’t put up the antenna they would like.

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All links show 404, so it didn’t say its over, but doesn’t admit to its existence and there’s no option in

I kind’a recall it falling to the was-side with instructions how to convert to local storage… maybe.