Cloud Recordings stop during show

I apologize if there’s an answer out there, I didn’t find anything. I have a Tablo Dual LITE set up to record to the cloud. It’s hardwire-hooked to my cable router through a long ethernet cable. While recording a game, it stopped about an hour in, picked up again a couple minutes later as a new recording that it said was 35 minutes (only could see 3 minutes of that). Is there a setting I’m missing?

The Tablo will do that occasionally whether you are using the cloud or a hard drive. Something must have happened to interrupt the recording (like a flaky signal from the channel). It will stop the current recording and then start a new one as soon as the signal is good. So you will get multiple recordings, though hopefully if viewed in order, you see almost all of it.

Thanks for the response. The signal was good while it lasted; I recorded another show where it was 90 minutes of pixelation, so surely this would have done something? This recording didn’t even make it to half time (football game). Not the first time this has happened, it’s why I ran the Ethernet cable down, figuring it was wifi-related.

Television signals travel thru the atmosphere and the signal losses are highly variable.

A very large atmospheric signal loss will cause the Tablo to completely lose the signal. A large storm passing between you and the Television station tower would cause a loss like this.This was what caused your split in program reception.

At some smaller atmospheric signal loss the Tablo can be right at limits of reception and unable to correct for all the data losses. Then you will see pixelation.

You could try a Winegard 20db gain 1db Noise Figure Amplifier. Note that a 1db loss figure is about as good as it gets and so it does not introduce excessive noise into the television signal.

Update: This assumes that you are not sending too strong a signal to the Tablo. (Unlikely in this case anyway.)