Closed captioning in WebOS 3.0 app

Can’t seem to figure out how to get CC enabled in the TabloTV app on my LG TV. Is that a thing?

@crazysharck - Unfortunately we don’t have Closed Captioning support on the LG app.

The list of apps that support it today are here:

Close captioning IS captured as part of the recording, but we enable it through our Roku device. We use it all the time.

Thank you. That confirms what I was seeing.

Is this on your backlog? Or is it not possible on web os to use the alternate stream?

It would be useful to have it.

(As an aside: how does this happen? In my world the lawyers block our product from shipping until we have closed captioning working because of fcc regs… I’ve had to deal with this for the past 4 years)

@crazysharck - Some of the native players for devices support it easily, others don’t. We always do try to get it working where possible. Where it isn’t we do try to revisit it periodically to see if it can be added.