Close Captions

I have seen that closed caption does not work on certain channels alone. CW and CBS is always bad with close captions and it comes out gibberish. But the rest of the channels are fine. Please fix the same if you can in one of your releases

@girimurthy We’re still collecting data on this to implement improvements in future releases. We’re making steady progress and you should see it soon :slight_smile:

In my case CC on CW, CBS and NBC channels show garbage. Fox and ABC are OK

Same problem here, I’ve been pinging Tablo on this gibberish caption issue since I bought my 4-tuner back in September 2014; affects CBS (4), NBC(9) and MyTV (20) here in Denver. FYI, channels 9 & 20 are both owned by Gannett in Denver. 

Until this issue is solved, the device is pretty much useless for my use (though my wife loves it).

@digineer  I’m really sorry to hear that you haven’t seen any progress with this yet. We’ve been collecting data on this since we launched the feature, and it remains a priority for us! We’ll be implementing improvements as soon as we can.

Still seeing gibberish captions on CBS, NBC and MyTV. I would have thought with the last update to tablo software, the problem would have been resolved by now. What is the status getting this problem solved once and for all? I have lots of recorded programs that I cannot watch until this problem is fixed. 

By the way, if you need a caption expert to assist with this problem, I have a close colleague of mine who owns a caption hardware/software company and is an expert in this arena. If you feel it will help tablo to expedite a resolution to this niggler, I can put you in touch to help mitigate.

Quite frankly, I’ve been hard pressed to recommend Tablo to others until this issue is resolved. Fortunately for you, my wife still loves her Tablo (for whom I purchased the device), but unfortunately, I remain unable to take advantage of its value.

I just got your note - and I sent you over something privately as well, but I figured it would make sense to loop in the folks here as well:

We've made some great progress with CC support, and we'll be adding this to our next release. There's no ETA on this - we hope to send it over to the beta testers sometime shortly.

One thing to note is that old recordings will not benefit from the changes we've made. The changes to CC won't be retroactive - they'll only show up for new recordings and live TV.

@TabloSupport I’m very glad to hear some progress has been made on this. For others who might be interested, is there a way to sign up as a beta tester until this feature is sufficiently improved and then go back to regular releases?

As to not being retroactive, that’s what I expected. I inferred it was a garbage-in, garbage-out scenario.

Which platforms do closed captions work on besides Roku? They don’t seem to work in any of the iOS app, the Android apps, and the web app.

@Joltarin The update is live! Details here.  CC is currently supported by the Roku and iPad. We intend to bring it to the rest of our apps asap :slight_smile:

@TabloSupport  Thanks. B-)  “Details”? That’s just the page to submit a support request? So we need to submit a support request to have our unit added to the list to receive beta updates?

iPad but not iPhone? Oh, right. I forgot there were separate iPhone and iPad apps. I take it you guys reused a lot of code from the JetstreamHD app for iPad? It’s interesting that the Roku channel for Tablo was released months before the JetstreamHD one, but it makes a lot of sense given how they’re marketed to slightly different audiences.

@Joltarin D’oh! Wrong link. Fixed now, but the one I was trying to point you to is here.

FW 2.1.20 fixed ALL my CC issues. Great X-mas present from Tablo. Thanks soooo much!


Hope to see this on the FireTV too.  The wife is a little hard of hearing so to preserve my own hearing I’m hoping for CC soon.

@wordtamer - Good question… Let me check on this for you.

The close captions on all the channels seems to work fine except for CBS. Currently CBS either doesn’t work or skips every other sentence. As of right now, it is not working. All of our TV’s are showing the same thing, but other channels works fine. CW is somewhat ok… Fix this issue please!!! I have deaf people in the household…

@Patricia_Summers - Sorry to hear that the CC on ABC isn’t working well for you.

Can you please place a ticket with support so we can look at this issue in more detail? Please make sure to include the MAC address of your Tablo which is written on the bottom of your unit.