CITS-DT Ottawa has moved from 42-1 to 15-1

I couldn’t get a signal when I turned on Jeopardy today and discovered this notice on the YES-TV that they changed frequency.

“Over-the-air viewers of YES TV in the Ottawa, Ontario region are notified that due to mandated transmitter updates and frequency changes, they can expect a brief period of down time while testing commences on signal migration, beginning at 10am on Monday May 25, 2020. CITS-DT Ottawa will cease broadcast on Channel 42, and resume broadcasting service on channel 15. This period of testing commencing May 25th will proceed for up to 3 weeks, following which the channel change will become permanent.”

@TabloSupport: can you look into updating the guide data?


Thanks for the heads up.

Time to do a rescan.

Yep! We’re filing a case now.