CIA Hacking of WiFi

Interesting article: Apple’s AirPort isn’t on the CIA’s Hackable WiFi Router List

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Please send them over my house.
Getting lonely. :wink:

Perhaps that’s because they are already in bed with Apple and don’t need to hack it cause they already have a clear back door into them. Maybe all the posturing over not unlocking cell phones is just that, posturing to throw us off the trail of the bigger things. :wink:

Trust No One.


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While I agree with your sentiment, trust-no-one and laugh about it :smile:, I do think Apple actually deserves some credit (or benefit of the doubt) here.

Most of the home wifi manufacturers rarely offer updates to the firmware of their devices and they almost never provide security updates. The few updates from the likes of Linksys, Netgear and Belkin are for bug fixes due to high volumes of complaints.

Apple, on the other hand does tend to provide regular updates to the firmware of all their products. And they do tend to include security fixes as well. I just wish they would make it so I can replace the battery on my iPad myself.