Chromium Based Browser Issue

Today I lost the ability for any Chromium based browser to communicate with my Tablo. Firefox, Roku, Windows App, IOS, Tablo Tools, etc. all work but Chrome, Edge, and Brave do not.

Does anyone else have similar issues?

Initially i dont see a problem :wink:

Have you searched if its that “privat network” issue Chrome was going to do then delayed? That is if its been recently updated.

Try developers tools and watch the network traffic for a possible clue.

Same here with Brave. I seem to recall doing a restart to update yesterday.

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On a :cough,cough: Chromebook: Google Chrome: Version 106.0.5249.112 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I do have chrome://flags/#block-insecure-private-network-requests set to disabled, not sure if it’s actually relavent.
[Private Network Access update: Introducing a deprecation trial - Chrome Developers]

Oddly it had to sync as though it hadn’t connected for an unreasonably length of time. My “Startup Section:” - Remember Last instead went to default Primetime, and remote quality went back up to 1mb.

But otherwise worked, watched Live TV. Have you confirmed it’s not a Windows thing?

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Disabling that got Brave working…

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Disabling did the trick for me too - Thanks!
If others are having this problem this is the link you can paste into your browser to disable:

@bbaorbb @FlyingDiver I can’t recall exactly why or when I set this - but I remember setting some “experiments” so figured I should check to pass it on… just in case. I believe it was around the time with the CROS (or similar lettering) issue arose.

I just used Chrome my my Debian Linux and it works, which also has this flag set/disabled. Again, it starts syncing and goes to the default Prime TV as though it was the first time loading.

…:thinking: biggest take-away, Firefox continues working without issue. :wink: Giant-data mining-corporation-controled browser, again has issues. :neutral_face:

:musical_score: I’ll :male_detective: be watching :male_detective: you :musical_note:

I had opened in Firefox, clicked reload and it was uneventful - it reloaded as expected.

@TabloSupport @TabloEngineering @TabloTV any comment or input on this? Is there really “a problem” or did we just stumble across some blip?

'Tis but a blip.

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