Chromecast users still out there?

With most of the commentary focused on Roku these days it is hard to get visibility of other solutions like Chromecast. I have consistently used the Android app for a year rather than follow the perceived current best device.

I use Chromecast with Tablo and recently upgraded to Chromecast 2. We use the Tablo daily and it gets the job done for us.

The Chromecast and Tablo complement each other perfectly; Tablo for TV and Netflix, Youtube, etc for net content. And at $35 you can’t beat it for a house with multiple TVs. The support team continues to update the android app and hopefully the remaining issues will be solved. The Android + Chromecast has had its challenges but not to the level that the ROKU users seem to experience. I run at std def which surely helps the chromecast with lower network bandwidth.

So thanks Tablo team for efforts on improving Chromecast functionality and thanks to all my fellow Chromecast users who continue to keep Chromecst on the radar.


I also use Chromecast 2 with Android Tablo app as my primary method of watching. It is simple, inexpensive and works great. I have been so impressed I have purchased another Chromecast for a second TV and I might replace an older Apple TV interface with Chromecast as well.

Thanks for chiming in @steverib. With 20 million units shipped by Google I figured there was at least one other Tablo user. :smile:

Chromecast is a nice product, it was the first streamer I used with Tablo when I bought one. I think Google really tried something unique and it seems to be paying off for them.

That being said, I think the experience on Android TV is much better. It’s so much easier fast forwarding, picking shows, and the streaming performance is much faster. The best part of Android TV is that you don’t lose your Google Cast ability. For only $15 more than a Chromecast (currently), and with much better Tablo performance and app options, the Nexus Player is definitely something to consider.

I am glad they are both out there working satisfactorily for people. The Tablo app code base for Android tablets and Android TV should be about the same so hopefully they will help move each other forward.

The concern about the nexus player is that it appears to be discontinued and I have not yet seen a follow on announced. It may be that Google is looking at 3rd parties to pick up Android TV like nVidia or perhaps they were waiting for Apple to show their hand. I hope they come out with something.

I use Chromecast to watch “The National” live on CBC off the Chrome browser.

Don’t expect a new Nexus device for every form factor every year. Google typically focuses on software, and allows OEMs to build hardware to match. When Google does build hardware, its usually as a reference device for developers and OEMs to showcase new capabilities. For instance, Google never made an Android Wear or Android Auto devices, and hasn’t been consistent in yearly Android tablet releases.

However, Google certainly hasn’t abandoned Android TV. They have deals with Sharp and Sony, 2 of the largest TV manufacturers, to have Android TV as the default smart OS. They are constantly adding new channels and just revamped the Play Store.

One more thing to note: Google promises OS upgrades for 2 years after a product is taken off the play store, and 3 years of security updates. So the Nexus Player still has a lot of life in it yet.

I would expect Google to possibly release an updated Nexus Player every other year, if that. Nvidia is doing an incredible job as a reference device of what Android TV is capable of.

Yup, moved on up to the ROKU.