Chromecast Playback Hangs with Blank screen

Problem: Tablo app running on Chromecast working fine before turning off TV.
After a few hours I turn in the TV, and try to open app, but all I see is a blank screen.
I can use the remote to navigate to change the channel, but the screen remains blank, with the play button in the lower left corner and the timeline bar across the bottom, but nothing else.
I cannot navigate back to the home screen to view the Live TV vs Recorded options.
Only fixed after Forced Stop of the app in the Chromecast Tools screen.
This happens on multiple Chromecast devices as well as a Hiesen TV with Google TV.


This is a known problem. Seems to happen when you turn off your TV without exiting the “player” in the Tablo app. I think you can avoid it by simply pressing the back key to get out of the player before turning the TV off, or exiting the app while the “player” is running.

Thank you.

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