Chromecast help needed

My sister logs in to watch our recorded shows. She also only has an indoor antenna so she will watch live streaming if she has problems with her signal. Because of requiring the remote access she pretty much has to use chromecast. We have figured out she can’t use her iPad. She can’t cast from the app or in the chrome browser. So for her birthday I got her an android just for this and she uses vudu and watches abc and cbs apps and such. So she is just using the android to cast what she watches. Today is the first day she has used it and the app keeps crashing but it is still casting. The app keeps say Unfortunately Tablo has stopped working. Don’t know what else to try. We use a Roku in the house and don’t seem to have any problems. Don’t know what to do. Thought it was weird it was still casting even though the app crashed.

I know you already bought her an Anroid tablet which is very nice of you. But can you get her a standalone device that works with remote viewing? Say the Amazon Fire TV box, Googel Nexus Player, NVIDIA Shield, etc.

You will get more reliable playback that way rather than casting.

How about Tablo support the device since it is listed as such on their page? Nothing personal but gets really old when to hear this time and time again. People purchase a Tablo to use with their existing equipment which is listed as a supported platform by the company (Tablo) only to find out it doesn’t really work. Either Tablo needs to get on their game and support the devices as they claim or remove it from the supported devices list.

On a another note @tminor, I feel your pain as I too have Chromecasts and I had to abandon them for use with my Tablo for many of the reasons you note. Also support was useless and I gave up and just extract my content to my Plex server and have others watch the content from there using the Plex app.


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I was only making a suggestion. His issue here isn’t really the Chromecast itself, it is the Android app is crashing on his Android tablet.

I have a cheap Android tablet from Acer where lots of apps crash with the same error he quoted.

Sorry @theuser86. I really didn’t mean to jump on anyone. I to have experience the android app issue. I got a Samsung android tablet to use when I found out I couldn’t cast from my iDevices anymore. I noticed the same thing and now my android tablet sits in a drawer. :frowning:

I actually just thought it odd the app crashed but was still casting. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. There hasn’t been anything said lately so I thought I’d check.

We have been using the Tablo for almost a year. When we updated the Tablo, when the firmware came out, it made us have problems with our Roku so I did report that so they would know. I was told then that I should check here and get help here first, so that’s what I did this time.

I decided to just return my sisters tablet and she returned the chromecast and we got her the new Mi Box. We will see how that goes.

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Def let us know how that goes - you will still need to setup the device at your place for pairing.

Yup got it setup for her. She will try it out tonight. It seemed pretty easy to setup. You can also cast to it. So she may not have to redo her apps on her iPad on the device. Except off course the Tablo app, I just downloaded that.

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This is new behavior for Chromecast, which I just noticed yesterday Oct 21. The Android app was fine till then. I use Chromecast for a wide range of apps on Android. Tablo has been fine for a year as long as I record at 720. Chromecast is very general purpose, and I even use it for Skype when an Xbox isn’t handy.

See Android app crashes EVERY time after starting a show

You’re not the only one

From another thread, TabloSupport is investigating the problem. See that topic for progress reports.

Once you send something to a Chromecast and the Cast session has initiated on your TV, the app is done unless you want to use the playback controls.

The app can crash, or you can leave your house and go out to dinner with the device in your hand. The program will continue to stream. The Chromecast is getting the program directly from your Tablo and the device is no longer required.

Instead of the Tablo app crashing, it should stopand close.

The problem here is not only that the Tablo app aborted, but that the Chromecast session between the Tablo and the TV was completely stranded. And the Chromecast session was never properly initiated. For example, it was not possible to begin by resuming playback from an earlier playback point. The stream always started from the beginning.

And once the stream was stranded, it was not possible to regain control of it. Normally, If you have lost or relinquished control of a stream , you can regain control by restarting the app and resuming the program.

If the app crashes before it has time to gracefully stop the stream, well, you know.

Well, I’ll happily stand corrected if I’m wrong but my understanding of it would be that the Tablo app is responsible for save state. Meaning, if you’ve watched 26 minutes of a 60 minute recording it is up to the Tablo app to restart you at that point.

The fact that it is taking you back to the beginning is totally on the Tablo app crashing.

Casting is broken in the app right now and they need to fix it.

As far as the Android app crashing and leaving the cast stranded, just download/open the Google Cast app and select ‘Devices’. From there you can stop the cast manually.