Chromecast, does it work?

I have chromecast on all my tvs and plan on using it with tablo but so far all i read is the ones that don’t work. If yours works good please comment so i can buy a tablo. 

Can’t wait to read the comments here myself. 

Before the latest firmware (2.1.16) no. I would say with a reliability of 10%… 1 in 10 shows would play OK for me. 

Since 2.1.16 (2 days of testing with the new roku/chromecast 720 encode setting) I want to say yes… but I won’t just yet. So far 50%… 2 out of 4 shows have played perfectly for me. One freezes in the same spot the other played fine for 30-40 minutes then just disconnected… odd. 

If I can get to 90% with Tablo/Chromecast with no worse than the current 4-10 second delays per command, then it’ll have my endorsement. Seems like such a low bar for a DVR device. I’m hopeful. 

I hope it works out. I just sent something to my parents about ditching DTV and going Tablo/Chromecast. They already feel am an Apple fanboy.

I’m curious about this too.  Also they say you need a android tablet to send to a chromecast.  How come you cannot cast from the chrome browser?

Yes it works now, you just set up the record setting to Chromecast for it to work.

Yes it works from a web browser on your phone, tablet or computer. I have a Nexus 4/Nexus 7 (2012) and a crummy old laptop running Linux/Chrome and you can “Cast” via the browser on all three.

Just navigate to Pick your recording, play, select full screen and the cast icon will apear in the upper left corner.

Yes, you can cast via a windows computer and the Chrome browser too. Havenet tested it lately, the windows computer rarely gets powered up, kind of my poor mans form of anti-virus.


ok i can now comment on chromecast since i’m using it. It works well on my tablets without much delay switching channels but on my laptop it disconnects when switching channels which requires connecting back everytime. Hopefully this will get fixed in future updates. My tablets wouldn’t sync at first and i had to have support fix it for me but since then it works good. Now to train the wife on how to use it and sell her on it!!!

There are two environments to consider.  I use the Tablo channel through Plex and Chromecast it very well.  I use my Nexus 5 for control.  Just a bit of delay.  I also use the Table android app directly.  Right now the app does not support Chromecast, but if you have a recent enough version of Android (I think about 4.2, but you can Google it) the Chromecast app will screen cast, meaning whatever is on your phone is Chromecast.  This also works well, and response is a bit faster than via Plex.  Also, unlike Roku (hate it) it has real skips for forward and back.

My s4 supports this so i’ll have to try it. thanks

I have never had luck with chromecast on my Tablo.  I can record and watch fine on my iPad or my Nexus 7, however, if I want to Cast it to the TV, I get lag, loads of buffering , and after the first commercial break, I usually have to stop the playback and then restart it.  I am using Charter Cable, have a strong home wifi network, and have no problems streaming Netflix or Hulu and browsing internet, etc.  It only seems to stutter when I cast to a television.  Anyone have any ideas to fix the issue?  I have the latest Update on the tablo.

@EdStuteville - Have you tried changing your recording quality setting to Roku/Chromecast? 

My problem with chromecast is changing channels. I can’t figure out how to go back and forth between channels. i can play recorded shows and play the first channel i choose but when i change it will hang up. i had it keep going back to the start of a show over and over again. the only way i could clear this was to reboot the tablo? 

@tooldog Is this just with Chromecast, or on any device? It almost sounds like your Tablo is locked to one tuner - do you have a formatted drive connected?

I have a formated drive attached. i have a couple problems now. My remote access works one day and then won’t work the next. i have a asus rt-n66r router and have tried port forwarding but don’t think i’m doing it right. I’m using a samsung tablet and the problem i having changing channels is it keeps starting the program at the same place when switching channels. I tried this several times and it won’t go to current time. 

Remote access is working again and I didn’t do anything to ffix it

Remote access has fixed itself for me multiple times… Sometimes the unselect and select the “tablo connect” box does it.  I have a PnP Netgear Nighthawk R7000.  Remote access generally doesn’t work at first install or update of the Tablo.  What always works is waiting, probably for the PnP broadcast advertisement period.  That’s my guess.   I’ve set it to a fixed IP address as well.