Chrome unable to access

Anyone else having issues connecting to with Chrome web browser (Version 117.0.5938.150 (Official Build) (64-bit) ) on Windows 11? It’s been working fine until this morning. The Tablo apps on Android as well as FireTV 4K Max are all working. Microsoft Edge and Opera, as well as the Windows Tablo app are working as well.

At one time, the Tablo folks indicated that changes were coming to Chrome that were incompatible with Tablo, and I wonder if that day has arrived.

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tablo web app works fine on windows 10 with chrome release .150. Probably look else where then the actual tablo web app.

I’m running Windows 11 and just upgraded to that version of Chrome and the Tablo web app is working fine on my computer. I agree with @zippy that you probably need to look somewhere other than the Tablo web app. You may want to verify that your browser isn’t blocking non https web sites.

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I’m having the same issue and changing the “Insecure content” setting to “Allow” and clicking the blue “Reload” button did not work for me. I also tried the “Clear data” button and I will get the “Connect to Tablo” screen but once I click “Connect” it will spin forever. Access via Firefox works fine but also reports the connection is not secure. Here are the details reported from Firefox:

I am having the same problem on my Win 10 machines, after the install of the new Chrome 117 browser. Tried your suggestions (thank you!) but it didn’t work for me. All I get it the spinning wheel on the “Connecting Screen”. Explorer behaved the same way – but it too was updated to 117. Firefox (remember Firefox??) did not have this problem.

Tried clearing the cache and also allow insecure content… no joy. Seems to be an issue with Chrome only. For now, I’m just using the Tablo app from the Microsoft store when I want to access Tablo on my computer.

I am having the same issue with Edge. The Microsoft app for Win11 is working fine, but I am just getting a spinning circle and “Connecting” in Edge.

Edge uses the Chromium engine, so no surprise if it was updated to 117 too.

@TabloSupport - Has anyone submitted a ticket on this? Is it being worked on? Is there something we can do ourselves to address the issue?

using h t t p:// doesn’t work anymore. (remove the spaces from the URL http scheme – I added spaces into the URLs above because the forum would only allow me to post a single link. :roll_eyes: )

it would get to the spinning icon and show my tablo box or connect button.

In my web browser console (right mouse on page and click inspect) I see:

Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘h t t p://’ from origin ‘h t t p://’ has been blocked by CORS policy: The request client is not a secure context and the resource is in more-private address space private. (remove the spaces from the URL scheme)

As described here,
http s:// one can open up a security hole in chrome by disabling this flag:

Once I did this, it worked. I wouldn’t recommend anybody doing this as a fix, as it opens up a potential security hole into your network. I did it purely to see if this fixed the problem.

It appears that if tablo would just implement SSL on it may fix this issue – they could put an SSL proxy in front of the box if they can’t change the backend.

Very frustrating. I’m disappointed that Tablo hasn’t addressed this yet.

It looks like Tablo is sunsetting chrome access, which kinda sucks. I’m surprised they can’t fix this with a flash to their hardware. Nevertheless, it sounds like folks with Macs will be stuck too.

I had a feeling it was a Chrome issue, bit wanted to verify it wasn’t something that had changed on my end. Perhaps @TabloSupport can weigh in on this.

Our team is investigating the issue now. We don’t have any updates to share yet, but as soon as we know more we’ll post here with what we’ve learned.

Firefox is a great alternative, even if you only use it as a dedicated “web” Tablo app on your PC. I really like the pop out/floating video window function it has as well.

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@bkbonner @TabloSupport While I am certainly NOT a web language expert, I sorta suspect this might be related to some recent security upgrade in Chrome or the Chromium engine underneath it.

Reason why: I recently had a very similar experience when trying to access the h t t p s: website of my bank. I suddenly started getting error messages relating to “not secure content.” After opening a trouble ticket with the IT department of my bank, the error went away in about 36 hours. While they never offered an explanation of the fix, I believe the IT web manager had to modify something in the code the web page returned when receiving a page request from the browser.

Might be a fix for Tablo, ormight be something different. Worth a look.

We’ve made some changes to the Web app which should allow legacy devices to connect once again. This update may take a few hours to propagate - please be patient. You should be able to connect again within a few hours.

I am able to connect again in Edge. :slight_smile:

Not working for me yet… I’ll try again periodically to see if/ when it’s working.

You need to be sure to make the setting per site settings. You need to stop the loop loading to set the setting for individual site. Cache and cookies have no impact on security settings, but clear them if it makes you feel better. In the end, it’s a PITA and Chrome, backed by a data collection corporation, isn’t worth the hassle. Firefox works flawlessly.