Chrome Browser to recognize Back Click

While navigating you have to click on the back arrow embedded within that app. If you click on the back arrow for the chrome browser, it takes you out of the Tablo app. Very, very, annoying. I have been surfing the web since about the 90s, and the back button almost almost always take you back to the last page you looked at, not out of the program. Please fix this. Thanks

@TabloTV @TabloSupport is a web app. The browser doesn’t know anything about what’s going on while the web app is running. As far as the browser is concerned the web page that was displayed before running the web app is where it should go when the browser back button is clicked.

When I am watching netflix and I hit the browser’s back button, it goes back to the page I was at. It doesn’t take me out of netflix. The web app should be written to recognize the browser’s actions.

Netflix doesn’t use the browser as a fat client. It uses it (primarily) as a browser. It’s also more browser agnostic (works with non-webkit things like Ffox).

Because TabloTV is now… just a webkit thing… maybe they could do something very specific for Chrome (assumption)… not sure.

And I think the reason for the difference in design is due to the fact that Netflix doesn’t mind taking a round trip to their servers for browser actions. You have to have that connection to stream anything anyway.

Tablo, on the other hand, only connects to their servers for initial app load and authentication (for Tablo Connect). Everything else is done locally on the LAN. So actually doing a server round trip is a BAD thing. Unless there’s a way to intercept the button click in the browser (and I have no idea if there is), what you want is probably impossible.

You are assuming that a round drip to the local Tablo box can’t be done. This is sort of what people would like, if it meant getting rid of the fat client.

All this info is very informative and interesting, but it should would be nice if the programmers of the app would chime in.

It is a feature request. If the programmers can’t do it, so be it. I am sure that I won’t sell my newly acquired 4 tuner tomorrow. But just to assume that it can’t be done, or that it is too much of a hassle, is really cutting short the bright minds of Nuvyyo.

Well, true, if you re-architected the entire web client, you could fix it.