Choppy video when watching sports


Then you’re confirming that it is the Tablo’s transcoding process that screws up the video! Not the video source or format. Why haven’t you been informing users of this?

How do you explain that the Homeworx has NO problems with interlaced video (1080i) or 30 FPS? My Homeworx is tied to a 1080i only TV (Olevia) and 1080i is perfect from Homeworx. It has absolutely nothing to do with interlaced mode.


I have been saying this for years now. It is just one of the few downsides to having a DVR that supports all streaming devices. Your Homeworx is a single TV DVR solution that stays in native mode the whole time (no transcoding).

The Tablo folks do offer a Tablo that is just like the Homeworx that you use with the NVIDIA Shield on a single TV.


Whenever someone asks about the Tablo’s sports capabilities, you have never stated outright that it is a shortcoming of the Tablo in displaying sports for two major channels. Instead you give them a song & dance about 720p. If the Tablo cannot do CBS and NBC sports, just say so and forget the Jimmy Cagney tap dancing routine… People are asking why they cannot use their Tablo to watch football plain and simple.


It certainly can do sports, just like ESPN and Sling (and all other internet cable companies) do sports. It just won’t be as perfect as hooking up an antenna directly.


Not as perfect? A guy catches a football on the 5 yard line and in one hop he’s in the end zone? Come on man! Not as perfect?

How is it that I can watch an NHL game on my Roku without any stuttering? That’s not mpeg2.


My Tablo doesn’t do that. It just looks like streaming video. Maybe you have a network problem or a bad hard drive on yours.


Oh come on with the “your setup” BS (which you have been pulling over people’s eyes for three years). For years people at this forum have been complaining about watching CBS\NBC sports on the Tablo. Just tell them the truth - Tablo doesn’t and cannot do a good job of it. does a great job on my Roku. No stuttering on a very fast sport without pause. And that is streaming…


You do realize that I am just a customer and am not affiliated with the company in any way, right?




I don’t think it’s “Tablo” specifically can’t do what you are expecting, it’s any device that does transcoding. You can’t record everything in raw MPEG2 (so no quality loss at all from transcoding) and also expect playback on all of the streaming devices Tablo supports, because not many of those devices support MPEG2 to begin with.

It’s the exact reason that Sling, etc. exhibit the exact same “issue” you are talking about.

If the sports are that important just split and do a direct feed to the TV.


I use the Homeworx so I can pause, go back, rewind, FF. It is just as good as a direct TV feed if not better.

Same issue as all streaming services? Can you explain to me why can transmit perfectly a high flying sport? I have no problems seeing a perfect hockey game on my Roku with my NHL season pass. What’s up with that? The first year, was dreadful. Then they improved their service 100% the following year. They must have found out something in their transcoding process (well it’s actually MLB that does it for them)…


Yes. But I do love the product and want others to love it too.


It has its uses and it excels in certain situations. Not in all circumstances. I love it too (my wife loves it even more than I do).