Choosing later airing when multiple airing for the same episode exists

I’ve noticed that Tablo seems to prefer later airing of the same episode of a particular TV show when available. E.g. Dr. Phil airs every day at 9am with the same episode being repeated on the next day at 3pm. Tablo seems to always pick up second airing for some reason. Both are normally marked as NEW in the guide, and I’ve only seen it record the 9am airing when 3pm on the next day didn’t exist because of a sports event. It doesn’t seem to be a huge deal as it only means we get an episode a day later, but it is irritating. Shouldn’t it choose the earlier airing by default? BTW, there are no conflicts for either 9am or 3pm airings.

Are both episodes airing from the same channel?

Read the thread below, Smart Scheduling picks the episode based on the signal strength of the channel not the time of the episode. Unless you are in fact having issues from recording on the same channel.

The feature to allow us to pick the channel which Smart Scheduling records from has already been requested.

No they are not. Reading from @theuser86, this answers my question.