Charging for commercial skip?


This is going to consist of patents, intellectual property, and copyright. Perhaps with a little trade secret thrown in. It’s a large complicated system.

The best product doesn’t always win. It doesn’t have to be the best. It just has to work.


What do we know so far?

Tablo uploads thumbnails of recordings from multiple user devices scattered all around NA (north america) to the mothership.

That seems more than a little creepy to me considering the large amount of widespread TV viewer data Tablo gleans while performing Comskip service.

Would be major kick in the gut to start charging for the benefit sharing our personal TV viewing habits. I can envision many ways to monetize that sort of database.


I am sure the networks would want their advertisers to know how many people are not seeing the commercials they paid for. :slight_smile:


See here:
11. Compiled Data . Nuvyyo compiles and analyzes usage and performance of the Services (“ Compiled Data ”) and uses Compiled Data to build features and improve the functionality and feature set of the Services. Nuvyyo shall have exclusive ownership of any Compiled Data and the exclusive right to use the same for any purpose, provided that Nuvyyo shall not distribute any Compiled Data in a manner which identifies users.


That’s just a standard boiler plate - cover your ass - statement covering any data that might be collected. It doesn’t even have the standard distribution to affiliates and subsidiaries statement.

And since U.S. federal and state consumer data privacy and ownership laws are rapidly changing it might be pretty meaningless. Unless you have the billions of dollars that Facebook and Google have.