Charging for commercial skip?


That’s certainly something we can do in the future - among many other improvements.

The way the feature is architected today isn’t the most efficient option, but it does give us the most wide variety of data that can help us train the algorithms.

In the future, we can certainly look to streamline the process and ‘borrow’ data from those with similar recordings in similar areas.


That is a superb suggestion! Would do away with a lot of traffic, queuing, duplicate processing and contending with bad video streams.


I know that “Commercial Skip detection failed.” is the unknown error. That’s why I’ve mentioned I’ve seen around 10 of these.

The DSP/ML software should be leaving appropriate logging information to analyze what is happening, But if the logging isn’t leaving the appropriate bread crumbs maybe the logging needs enhancement.

And I don’t even waste time mentioning commercials that the commercial skip software totally ignores. Probably because the ML software has learned it’s not a commercial.


Which way did the DishTV “AutoHop” Commercial Skip work? Was it done “on Device”, or did it require a backend service?

Same thing with Plex: I’m pretty sure it doesn’t require a backend, since one of the complaints is “high CPU usage”. But I also don’t know how well it works… :grinning:

But it’s a non-trivial problem, with non-trivial development (and apparently, operating) costs; so, if Nuvyyo can do it right, then they have every right to monetize that feature!


100% agreed.

We have determined that at least some instances of ‘Commercial Skip detection failed’ should be getting filed as ‘Commercial Skip detection failed due to poor reception’ due to dropped frames in the video file.

We’ll be fixing this in a future update.


Last night we had severe weather warnings and much of the prime time shows were preempted with live storm coverage.

What I found to be the most interesting was that a program that was processed for commercial skip had the commercials tagged in yellow even though there were absolutely no commercials. The entire one hour program was nothing but continuous sever weather reporting. Before you ask, since they weren’t the programs I wanted recorded I immediately deleted them once I had verified that I missed the scheduled program.

It’s that time of year when we have a lot of sever weather, so if you are interested in seeing this phenomenon, let me know and I will save the recordings the next time it happens.


It could be neat to look at any future recording like this!


You also get strange affects if 15-20 minutes into the show they breakout to news like some live testimony before congress. Or one network station that every 1-2 weeks likes to flash the 2-3 minute emergency broadcast test in the middle of a show.


Honestly, really hate the idea you are using my Mac address :confused:

That in itself is enough for me to disable it all together.


They have to use some identifier to send the processed com skips back to your Tablo? Would using your SN be better?

Or would you prefer a randomized number assigned to your Tablo?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tablo Connect (aka remote streaming) identifies your Tablo based on MAC address and Public IP address as well.


Your Tablo MAC is sort of its serial number. So… not really a secret to them, you know?


My fear is what they can do with that and is it stored securely? That is not a serial number at all it can identify you across the world. Too many security incidents in the world to be using a MAC Address as an identifier :confused:


Pretty standard method for targeting a specific device on a network. A serial number has no meaning to a network. And ip addresses change. At some point any identifier they use would need to correlate with the mac.


100% going to disagree with you. That can expose your device to attacks


This may help… or stoke the flames


How do you think a roku device is updated? Or any other device that receives regular updates? Please feel free to disagree and I am in no way offended… but I believe I have the background to voice an educated explanation.


Good because I wasn’t trying to offend :wink:

Yea, then we both do :wink:


MAC addresses are layer 2… and in all fairness, programmable (though evil, and not easily done by a user).

One could argue that with knowledge of layer 2, one could wreak havoc on your LAN, but if you’re running WiFi, I’m pretty much all over it already anyhow (just saying).


Most of these devices phone home for instruction,etc.

And if they didn’t use the MAC address they would use the device serial number. And that use to be nothing more then the decimal representation of the device 24-bit MAC. All anyone has to do to get the full MAC is apply the 24-bit tablo vendor ID.


For people that do not understand what can be done knowing a MAC Address. This is a problem if you are using Tablo from outside your LAN. If you are not it is a non issue (assuming your network is protected)