Charging for commercial skip?


Commercial cutting junior wizard here… you know, you’d like think there’s a “way”, but no. There is no discernible standard that I know of. It’s an art. My routines just used black frames and heuristics… but that’s really not enough. Detection of “corner” imagery, audio differences, etc… all of these things also have to come into play.

However, if you know some “magic”, that I don’t know, I’d be very interested.


seems your misunderstanding is again overtaking with personal attacks and trying to prove everyone else wrong…

you pretending there’s a difference doesn’t make a difference.

Sure, if RW on the second button, then it is something to deal with for you.

You know Nuvyyo makes no money from ad revenue, concept does not make a business model no matter how hard you believe it to be true or throw a fussy-fit.


OH no, don’t make that mistake.

I was the one who brought it up in the first place after it was announced–and I was pooh-poohed for even thinking about it, because in those early days Tablo said “no, no charge”.

I brought up the Hulu analogy, and was shot down instantly for daring to compare what Hulu offers to what will happen with Tablo. Tablo is entirely different under the hood from Hulu, the argument went, and therefore there was no comparison to be made even at the end user level.

And now here we are, hearing the company say, “yeah, we may have to charge for it, stay tuned”.

In the end, it’s a difference that makes zero difference to the end user. Any attempt at rationalizing it for Tablo at this point sounds like a Tablo lobbyist trying to control the message.

But the archives are clear–the original story was “no additional charge,” and now it’s “yeah, stay tuned”.


If it’s any good–and I know what good commercial skip is–then the experience to the end user is identical to Hulu’s ad-free experience.

All this rationalizing and getting down into the weeds to try to find differences that make Tablo look better at this point–it’s hilarious. “No additional charge” is quickly turning to, “Um, yeah…”


Funny thing is, there doesn’t have to be if you do it right. ReplayTV managed to mark commercials in real time on customer-premises platforms from the year 2000. Here we are 19 years later–are we honestly to believe that current platforms lack the horsepower to do it even post-recording??

It sounds like a big step backwards, frankly.


The Tablo folks never ever said “no additional charge”. They told everyone in the beta that it would likely be an additional cost. So quit lying.


For the past 4 months, my Tablo has been borderline useless for as-yet-to-be determined reasons. I’m the last person to qualify as a lobbyist.


That’s not the point. The point is, Nuvyyo lives in the same consumer headspace that Hulu does. And the consumer will see it the way the consumer sees it–not the way a Tablo lobbyist thinks he should see it.

It doesn’t matter to Joe Sixpack who makes money where; all that matters is, he gets to see that epsiode of The Blacklist in 40 minutes instead of 60, and he gets to skip the inane 20 minutes of commercials that are an insult to his intelligence.

In the end, it’s the same result to the consumer.

But more importantly, when this came out the story was “no charge”–and my thoughts of “oh, they’ll end up monetizing this” were tossed aside by people just like yourself–people who thought Nuvyyo could do no wrong, and if they said it, then that was it. The same people who now defend this compete 180 on Nuvyyo’s part, as if it was a known plan all along.


Tivo lovers and stock owners must not like Tablo taking there costumer, like today the Quad Tablo bundle sold out within hours they have to tell costumer if they want the bundle they have to wait couple of days to ship that options and people still order.


Nothing truthful with that statement. Please quit lying.


It’s the point of reality… your headspace is what ever make-believe makes you feel good about yourself.

YOU ARE COMPLETELY MISTAKEN to group me in with everyone else! I’ve not bowed down to the turn about with the subscription, I never make any comment about no-charge commercial skip - you have overtake this tread to the point of uselessness - again.

I’m clicking X Muted - You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear in latest. and find some actually productive.


The skipping currently for me is less than 50% accurate (and sometimes does nothing at all), probably closer to 25% and I would never pay for that. You guys (Tablo) should either discuss when you can perform at 110% or drop the idea completely IMHO


@adam1991 I think the confusion is you seem to think you are the only one who thought they might end up charging for commercial skip. You aren’t. And Tablo never (and hasn’t still) definitively said whether there will be an additional charge.


I for one want the opposite of this feature where they cut out only the show segments so I can watch only commercials all day er’day. I’d be willing to pay for that :wink:


Suddenly, SurLaTablo’s commercial cut/zap doesn’t seem so bad. :slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue: very funny


You laugh, but the ReplayTV engineering team did that. You could force it to skip program instead. They did it for the Super Bowl, but of course it’s just simple code to switch what gets shown and what gets skipped. They’re all the same commercial markers. So they left it in for anyone who cared to use it.


Didn’t ReplayTV file for bankruptcy in 2003 and stop making hardware in 2005? I would prefer that tablo stay in business longer then 6-8 years. Maybe their product was too good.

But if you want one you can still buy one on E-bay.


Clearly you have no idea what the costs of cloud computing are. For this feature to work your DVR must upload data to cloud servers and those servers must process that data. It would be very different if the processing could be don on your Tablo at home using you resources. Frankly I will be surprised if this feature is able to remain free. With that said I think Tablo might be able to do it at a cost much lower per DVR then that of Tivo.


Tivo did that for the last Super Bowl so fans of the commercials didn’t have to be interrupted by the game.