Channels Swapped, Confused

Has anyone else seen weird problems with channels swapping around?

A big storm came through and knocked out power for a while. Things are back up, but acting weird.
When I select channel 5-3 on Tablo, I actually get channel 20-1. Tablo says that it is 5-3, but the programming is from 20-1. Note that Tablo is not the only TV in the house that is doing this. I thought It must be the transmitting stations are screwed up, but a 3rd TV in the house does receive 5-3 on channel 5-3.

The channel 20 group are screwed up also. On my non-Tablo TVs, if I go to channel 20-1 it says no signal. When I do up channel, which would normally take me to channel 20-2, I get 20-1 again, but this time it comes in OK. 20-2 and 20-3 act the same way. When I try Tablo on 20-1 it also says no signal, but there is no up channel button to try. This is screwed up even on the TV that correctly receives channel 5-3.

All of this worked fine before the storm came through. I know this is not a Tablo specific problem, but does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Try doing a rescan and see if that clears it up