Channels received

Well I’ve been enjoying 17-5 on the TV in the bedroom, so I finally moved the Tablo. It does not come in on Tablo. I looked at the signal level on the TV and it was only half. I assume with a bad signal to begin with that with the quad splitter, there isn’t enough signal for the Tablo. Is there anything besides an outdoor antenna that will help? My zip code is 78758.

  1. You may be able to use a preamp at the antenna mast, or a distribution amp just before the Tablo. But it all depends on your setup.
  2. What’s the antenna you have? Is it amplified?
  3. How long is the cable run from the antenna to the Tablo? Is it a direct run? Or is it split?
  4. Importantly, what is the type of coax cable? RG6 or RG59?

Antenna is a Mohu Leaf 50 indoor amplified that is in the window. It is using the coax that comes with it. There are no splits on it. For now it is back on the TV and another antenna is on the Tablo.

I threw away the amp that came with my Mohu Sky 60 and ended up with Winegard pre and distribution amps. Been very happy since I did that…

  1. The amplifier it comes with, where do you have it in line? Near the antenna or at the Tablo?
  2. Are you powering the amplifier with the power adapter or the USB port on the Tablo?

The preamp is at the mast and the distribution amp is right before the Tablo right?

After the distribution amp, do you split the signal to any HDTVs at all? Or just straight into the Tablo?

Pre-amp is at mast and dist amp is 6 inched from Tablo. No splits other than Tablo internals.