Channels and Guide missing

Tonight went turned on my Fire TV to watch recordings that were supposed to record tonight. They were not there. I switched to live TV to see if they were new episodes and there was no guide listed. I looked at the setting and the channels were listed there. Went back to live and still nothing. I tried the Tablo Preview app and nothing.

I then did a re-scan of the stations and once that was done re added the channels and the guide downloaded again. Have had the Tablo installed now for 2 months and this is the first time this happened. Any ideas? Fortunately I was able to go into my PSVue app and watch the shows as I had also recorded them there as a backup.

Here’s what I know.
Assuming you have a guide data subscription…
Guide data includes 2 weeks worth of guide info.
Guide data updates in the early morning, around 3AM - 4AM, via your internet service.

I believe the previous guide data gets overwritten by the new one.
I suspect there was a problem downloading the new guide data.

I bet the first step in downloading new guide data is deleting the old one, so if the new one doesn’t complete, you’re left with no guide data.

@TabloTV should be able to confirm.

Yes have lifetime guide. Have no idea what happened, have not see that before. Checked today and all is there.

@jzorn Do you have your Tablo on a power switch? If it’s not online during the overnight hours, guide data updates can fail.

No just plugged into a UPS and surge protector. Thought about that too, but had no power failure that night.

@jzorn Weird.

Keep an eyeball on things over the next few days.

If you go to your settings screen in the web app, it should show when your guide data was last updated.

If it’s more than 24 hours, your Tablo isn’t checking in for some reason:

Right I know it is working correctly now. Had never happened before so was weird as I missed some shows had set to record.