Channel.scan shows 5 bars, recording fails due to weak signal

Who wanted to know? Certainly wasn’t me. I know how to remove data, bucket of salt water isn’t a bad way to go either. Once you drill a small hole at least. Especially with the helium filled drives. I think you get the point.

You need to move your antenna just a little bit and it will download the guide and work.

The guide isn’t downloaded OTA from the antenna. :roll_eyes:

If you’re suggesting an antenna needs adjusted just for the tablo, users need more information then “weak signal”. No problems on TVs or other devices.

So maybe, signal dropped to orange dots during recording. But if every time I did a scan it showed all green, then I would have to scan at the same time as that show was on and then I’d have something to work with… one scan at a time I guess.