Channel Scan Misses Channel

When I do a channel scan on my Tablo it never picks up one of the channels I can get in my area. I can hook the antenna to my TV directly, do a scan on the TV and the missing channel shows up there with strong signal. But the Tablo doesn’t seem to see it at all. The Tablo picks up a very weak channel that isn’t even watchable, but can’t seem to find the strong one. It is the highest channel number of my listing, 49.

Any thoughts?

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Several people at this forum have seen a channel picked up by the TV and not the Tablo. The problem has been diagnosed to be erroneous PSIP data from the station in the OTA stream. A TV tuner doesn’t mind such an error but a DVR does. One of the possible reasons…

So how does one fix this issue? someway to manually add in a channel maybe?

A PSIP error has to be fixed by the station at the source. Channel cannot be manually added since this type of error prevents it from being usable by the DVR. Tablo tech support would first have to inspect the OTA data stream through your Tablo to confirm whether if it is a PSIP error. If it is, they can either get in touch with the broadcaster or have you communicate with the station.