Channel Repack Process Has Started

“Stage 4 of the reverse auction has ended and it appears likely the UHF broadcast TV band will be reduced to Channels 14–36 (470– 608 MHz).”

Ohio State University has sold its TV channel WPBO for $8.8 million in the FCC’s broadcast spectrum auction.

Vermont PBS will receive $56 million from the FCC spectrum auction after selling one of its four broadcast licenses - keeping three, shutting down one.

Concord NH WBIN-TV said Friday, "It will cease broadcasting in the coming months” after selling its television broadcasting rights to the Federal Communications Commission through the repack auction.

WTLW TV-44, a Lima-based Christian TV station, will be compensated $7.7 million to change broadcast frequencies as a result of the recent FCC spectrum auction. Their new frequency would be low VHF channel 2 according to a spokesman.

It is projected to take about three years to complete the process. In my area, one major broadcaster and four minor ones will be impacted. On your mark, get set…rescan…

But the channels that are VHF will remain the same?

Yes, only the UHF channels 37 and above.

Coincidentally and happily our two favorite channels in our area are already both VHF (channels 8 and 11) and have been for years. We get them quite strongly with a VHF loop antenna.