Channel not loading onto guide

Just got my tablo yesterday and after I ran the channel scan on my ipad, all of my local channels were there with 5 stars for signal.  Once I chose all the ones I wanted on the guide and chose add to guide, one of the channels, will not load onto guide.  Any suggestions?  Again, the channel not loading to the guide has 5 stars for signal.

Hey - I had the same thing happen.  Email support and let them know.  They will work very quickly to get your guide data showing up!

@wkufan92 - Yes, this just requires us to ask our guide data provider to add that channel. Send a note to and we’ll get that patched up for ya. Hope you’re enjoying Tablo so far!

I appreciate your quick response.  

@wkufan92 - You’re very welcome! We like to stay on top of things :) 

I am curious why this would happen.  @wkufan92 is in the same city as me, though it is a different zip code, and I haven’t had an issue like this.   We don’t live in an area that picks up multiple cities’ channels.

I am glad that I am not the only person in Nashville to have a Tablo.  Plus, I like the Hilltoppers. :slight_smile:

@snowcat - It may be the different zip code. Sounds like the channel data is there (since you receive it), but hasn’t been associated with that particular zip.