Channel name missing for scheduled recordings from iPhone & Android web app

Under scheduled recordings, the channel name is missing from the iPhone and Android web app. Channel name is there on the iPad app and the web app. I prefer to record from the Global over CBS, but my Tablo always picks CBS by default. See screenshots below.

Can the web apps please be updated to match? It’s a small UI fix. Thanks!



@theuser86 - This fix is being worked on. Should be pushed through soon.


Thanks - I just wanted to confirm it was a bug versus an intended UI difference due to the limited screen real estate on smartphones.

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Now that the new Roku UI and Fire TV apps are out, any chance this could be fixed in the Web app?

I just checked this morning on my iPhone 6 and I still cannot determine which channel a scheduled recording is going to record from. Screenshots from my first post are still accurate.


@theuser86 - I’ve reminded our web guy about this. Not sure why it hasn’t made it into an update yet. 


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@theuser86 - It has been fixed, just hasn’t been pushed yet. We’ve got a few tidbits like this that will come in the next release.


Perfect - there hasn’t been an update pushed to the Apple App Store since it first came out? Or does the app version remain the same and the app just accesses the new ‘web app’ via the internet?

Details from the App Store:
Released: Nov 21, 2014
Version: 1.0

The web app has been updated. It should show 1.0.17-491.

And yes we have pushed updates to the iOS app as well. Not sure why you’re not showing 1.2.1 which should be the latest on iOS.

Very weird - in the Tablo Web app on my iPhone 6 under Settings it says "HTML Application: 1.0.0-403/13".

UPDATE: I just deleted the Tablo Web app, rebooted by phone, and installed the app again from the link on your webpage that takes me to the App Store. The HTML Application still reads as above.

Have the updates maybe not been pushed to the Canadian iPhone App Store?


Screenshots to show you what I see in my App Store, it is v1.0 from Nov. 2014. It shows me this is the most up to date version - I am running iOS 8.2 on iPhone 6.

Let me know if you would like any more information.

@tablotv my app also says HTML Application:

iPhone 6 Plus

Sorry - was checking iPad vs. phone.

You’re on the correct version. 


Thanks for the update. So the App Store is correct then and there has not been an update released for the iPhone since it’s initial release? It seems the iPad has received updates, just don’t want the iPhone missing any pushes.

I can wait patiently for an update to fix this issue, just like to know what’s going on.

That’s correct… We’ll be adding some things to all apps over the coming months so the resolution to this issue will get lumped into the next update.

Thanks again - I know it’s such a small issue.