Channel name changes after saving scan

A new channel in the Dallas, Fort Worth, 27.6, area has a dual personality. After a channel scan it shows as FOXWX which is the FOX weather channel. After the save and continue it shows as DECADES. Selecting the channel on Live Tv actually has Fox weather programming while the guide shows Decades programming. A channel scan on Samsung and Sony TV’s show it as FOXWX.

Sometimes Tablos guide provider needs changes like this brought to their attention.

Open a ticket with Tablo support at: and they will get with the guide provider to resolve.

Typically takes about 7-10 days after acknowledging / responding to your ticket.

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I agree that the keeper of the guide needs to correct their problem. Since the channel name shows correctly as FOXWX on Sony and Samsung tv’s, I checked other brands of tv’s at my neighbors and relatives and all show the name as FOXWX. This tells me that the channel name is in 2 locations in the metadata for that channel. It also tells me that the major tv manufacturers, those that I checked, pick up the channel name from the same place which is the same place that Tablo picks it up during the scan but saves the name from the other location in the data stream. If Tablo made the change, during their next update, to use the name picked up in the same location of the tv manufacturers, they will not stand out as a lone wolf if the data is incorrect everywhere.