Channel interference with missing call letters

I’m getting a lot of weak signal and tablo reboots. Support found interference occurring on frequency 35. Frequency 35 is CBS, but in the guide lineup the call letters are CW.
After preforming a rescan, channel on frequency 22 wasn’t found, but channel on frequency 35 recognized CBS instead of CW.
Later I preformed a rescan and found channel on frequency 22. That rescan changed channel on frequency 35 from CBS back to CW.
I don’t get the CW channel and channel on frequency 22 is an independent channel.
I have a unique way of getting my channels. All but one are from translator towers. Channel 3-1 NBC on frequency 29 is translated from Wichita Falls Texas. Channel 4-1 NBC on frequency 34 translated from OKC. Channel 5-1 ABC translated from OKC on frequency 18. The only channel not translated 7-1 ABC on frequency 11 also only VHF is originate in Lawton Oklahoma. Channel 9-1 CBS on frequency 35 translated from OKC. Channel 18-1 from Wichita Falls Texas on frequency 32 is a FOX channel. Channel 19-1 is on frequency 19 also translated but I don’t know where from. Channel 25-1 FOX on frequency 26 translated from OKC. As mentioned earlier channel 43-1 the independent channel on frequency 22 translated from OKC The OKC channels are translated two times. From OKC to Sayer Oklahoma then to a tower in Hollis Oklahoma. The tower in Hollis is the signal I receive. Wichita Falls signal translated to Altus Oklahoma. Where I receive my signal.
If anyone is interested check TVfool my coordinates are lat 34.550491 lon -99.334368 TVfool isn’t updated for my location and frequency for some of the channel are not correct. has KJTL for the Hollis and Altus towers.
When channel 9-1 is CBS I don’t have interference but with CW I do.

Due to your remote location, it appears that your guide information may be getting mis-assigned. I would suggest giving Tablo Support a detailed list of the channels you do receive, including real and virtual channels along with your zip code. Hopefully they will be able to refine what guide information is available to you to insure that what you see displayed is actually what you are receiving.

Virtual channel numbers don’t directly translate to channel frequency. Some may, unlikely many do any longer - repack after repack.

Thanks, I’ve tried to convey that information to support. Apparently we consumers can’t speak with the engineers. I’ll keep trying!

I’m not sure I fully understand what you are saying. Virtual channel I get example 3-1 on frequency 29, : isn’t really 3 on frequency 29, but something else after repack? Could you maybe make more clear?