Channel Guide shows lots of "Unknown Airing"

I have a total of 23 channels and only a few of them seem to list under TV Shows - 20 shows in total to be exact. There are no shows listed for ABC (which doesn’t seem possible), and when I look at the channel guide there are a lot of “Unknown Airing” items listed.

I’ve force-downloaded the guide on numerous occasions with little to no change. Any ideas? Is the guide just messed up?

Are you new to Tablo? Try changing your zip code to another that is in the same viewing area.

I’m not new, just haven’t seen this issue before the 2.2.8 update.

I’m seeing some of this too lately.

I had the same problem and tried switching to another zip code. Chhannel guide has looked complete lately.

I looked at it and the stations giving me this problem were actually out of market. I deleted those stations from the guide and I am good now.

Thanks for the responses. I have tried various zip codes around Charlotte NC, including where the stations are located, with no luck. Most of them say “Unknown Airing [NEW]” and some “Unknown Airing”.

Ironically the majority of instances are on 2 major networks: ABC (around 80% Unknown Airing) and CBS (around 95% Unknown Airing).

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If you are getting channels that the TV Guide is not displaying information on then you need to tell Tablo to add them to the guide. Then once they say it is all good just reset your Tablo and do a new scan. It will then pick up the guide. For some reason once you do the scan and it has the channel as Unknown for the guide there is no way it will reset itself.

I found that odd, hope Tablo fixes that in a future update. I hate having to reset each time there are new channels in my area. This seems to happen every few months because of the sheer amount of stations near me. (Picking up 61 channels)

Having the same problem, tried updating and resetting, no fix.

I had that happen yesterday where instead of show data, it was displaying a blue shading with diagonal lines for some channels. It was a Roku issue - rebooted with a Roku system restart and it was rectified… I dislike that Roku more and more each day!

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Mine are RTVE and REVN which both display to be announced in Spanish. I believe anyone that has these two networks has the problem. Somehow TitanTV manages to have the data, but no other guide provider that I have checked does.

Mine does this everyday. I don’t have to reboot the Roku, just exit the Tablo app and restart. Then the guide fills in.