Channel guide only shows 24 hours

I am only showing the next 24 hours in the guide. I have refreshed subscription and guide and still only have one day and the commercial skip option is still missing.

What playback device? Roku? Fire TV?


Tablo Guide Data FAQs

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Only see 1 day of guide data?

The Live TV grid guide will always show 24 hours of data. The additional 13 days are split up into the Prime Time, TV Shows, Movies and Sports tabs.

(Roku users can now enable a full 14-day live TV grid in the settings screen, and Tablo PREVIEW users will see a full 14-day grid on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices.)

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Update the Android app… please.

Commercial skip is also on the onscreen TV pull down menu where closed caption is

Using this option only enables or disables commercial skip on recordings that have already been processed for commercial skip. It will not turn commercial skip processing on or off for future recordings.

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