Channel guide not 30 days?

When I look at Live TV the guide only goes to tomorrow. A new show is supposed to start on the 15th, went to find it in Prime Time and Shows, not found. I paid for the lifetime subscription, shouldn’t it be in the guide?

It’s a two week guide, not 30 days. You’ll need to wait a couple days for it to show up.

Okay, I can understand 2 weeks, but then why is it when I look at Live TV it only shows today and tomorrow?

Depends what time it’s scheduled for, and when your guide data was last updated - 14 days to the hour - this is undocumented, just personal experience. This has no correlation to your lifetime.

This will tell you why the Live guide only goes to tomorrow. Notes there’s a 30 trial. Depending on device in use, you can get a 14-day live TV grid – good read! or any page - has a search box in the corner! live guide

The grid is only 24 hours, except on I think Roku which has an option for a longer grid. That feature will probably be coming to other platforms eventually.

Then why do they say “14 days”? What part of this is 14 days?

The show listings in “TV Shows”, “Movies”, “Sports”, and “Prime Time” are all 14 days. The Grid is terribly inefficient if you’re looking for a specific show.

Okay, thanks.

The Grid is terribly inefficient if you’re looking for a specific show.

Unfortunately, it’s the only way to find new shows, or if an existing show has a new episode.

Just as an FYI, once you schedule a show to record you can tell if it has upcoming episodes scheduled to be recorded. For example, I have all my scheduled recordings configured to record new episodes only. Here is an example with the visual indicator that one of the shows has upcoming episodes scheduled to record…


If you are looking to find brand new shows that are just starting, the TV shows section has a Premiering filter/view.

I know neither of those directly relate to your posts but wanted to throw out some helpful information if you are a new Tablo user.

Tablo customers with a TV Guide Service subscription using Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV devices can now enable a full 14-day live TV grid in the settings screen.

Not true. There are sub-tabs under “TV Shows” for Premiering and New shows.

Thanks. I did know about the first suggestion, did not know about the second.

Maybe it will come to Apple soon, but I think it is misleading to sell this as a feature to get people to subscribe when it doesn’t exist for everyone.

Maybe, I agree so of their information can be/has been misleading vague in some areas.

While some is clearly with a couple clicks or taps.

The Tablo has always had a 14 days worth of shows. They have never deceived anyone on that. The Live TV grid is a different part of the software. If I recall correctly, it was set to 24 hours to prevent performance issues loading that screen (though it is getting better, since the Roku can handle a longer live tv guide now).

Not according to their website:

It clearly says a live TV grid for 14 days with the subscription.

I think that means Live TV Grid View is included with both Basic & Subscription models. It’s the TV Guide data that is either 1 or 14 days - but I can see how that can be misleading.

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Okay, I can see it that way as well, but it gives me the feeling that if the data is there then it should be on the grid as well.

Clearly, grid view has a green check! Indicating it’s “yes” to that collum …or that’s how I’d clearly view what you posted