Channel Guide for Roku

I’ve seen something about a Roku revamp but I don’t know what all that entails.  The Tablo channel on Roku needs to have a channel guide screen like the Tablo app on Android or iPad has.  If you could look at the USTVNow channel on Roku as an example, they have a very straight-forward and well integrated Guide.

Not sure if this is already in the works or not as I’m new to the community, just thought I’d throw it out there.

Look at the “Roku Revamp” thread. It has a preview video.

Awesome, thanks.

Is there any discussion/movement on real-time viewing of fast-forward/rewind functions…whether that is full screen or just thumbnail size like on netflix?

@djcarey83 - We’ve got a surprise in store for that coming soon. :D 

Is there no Tablo channel right now for ROKU?  Just got our ROKU 3 units, and fail to find any Tablo Channel.  Help please.


@marjamar you can find links to all Tablo’s apps and channels at this link.

Thanks.  Just found it on ROKU by doing a search.  So many channels on ROKU, maybe it’s too hidden.  I’ll have a look at your link.


@tablotv Love the tiles for the Roku FF/RW!!..T-minus 10 days and counting for the BIG one…we’re all waiting.   :-bd

Glad to hear it @mullermj

We’re working flat out to finish the new channel Stay tuned. 

I have a Roku 2 on an old TV.  It has no HDMI input.  To make the Roku play I had to use S-video out, so SD.  There is a new Plex channel for Roku, but it won’t play; I get a message “Sorry, this Plex version will not work with SD.  We’re working on it!”.  Will there be the same issue with the new Roku Tablo channel?

@oldmike - Good question. I don’t think we’ve tested that particular use case as of yet. 

Any ETA on when the new Roku app will be available?

We’re getting closer every day. Still aiming to meet our end of Q1 deadline! 

Q1 ends in 6 days, so are you saying there is a chance it will be out sometime next week?

Please don’t push out your app to meet a deadline. BE SURE IT WORKS!,

Did you miss yesterdays post?  Basically delete is going to be added and the new Roku will be delayed by a week. ;

This just needs to be released, come on.


New Guide works just fine on the beta. Official release delayed for delete function on Roku.