Channel downloads CBS?

it’s taken us a bit to figure out TABLO (not super tech savy) but when we download the available channels, it will not download the local CBS affiliate channel. That’s the channel that we have many shows we like to record, of course. But our smart TV HDTV antenna downloads it. Can the local CBS or CBS in general block recording of shows on TABLO? I know that CBS wants you to pay for their streaming service monthly…could that be the reason TABLO isn’t downloading the CBS channel? In doing a channel search availability online, it claims we should get CBS as a download . HELP!

Update to my post on CHANNEL DOWNLOADS CBS…we live in Western Washington State–Tacoma/Bremerton Area.

@superavp - The CBS channel may be on the edge of the digital cliff. You can read more about that here:

The best way to fix this is to either adjust your antenna’s position and/or get an antenna with further range.

Have you checked your address at

We’re in the West Sound area and because of the angle to Seattle and the broadcast tower locations on Queen Anne hill, 4, 5 and 7 have varying degrees of signal strength. PBS (9.1) is especially strong as is Fox (Channel 13.1 which has a translator on Gold Mountain behind Bremerton).

Silverdale has a CBS translator but it broadcasts on 39.1 and Tablo has no way currently of remapping stations.