Channel changes listings, Tablo thinks recording correct. Fix?

I’m sure I’m missing this somewhere in an old posting, but my search terms aren’t bringing up anything helpful – I apologize up front if this is a duplicate/similar thread.
Not sure how to explain this right, so I’ll give an example! Norman Lear has passed away. I have recorded what would have been on the right channel at the right time if they had not quickly replaced their entire day with episodes from him. From what I understand, the Tablo now thinks it has recorded the right show and will not be recording it automatically in the future. Is there a way around this, or do I need to just keep a list of episodes to look out for and manually record? Do I have to refresh the guide every day to get a proper listing?
Because this is an older show, I have the machine set to Record All, I would assume that in a few months, it’ll start recording the entire series all over again, since it SOMETIMES does this if I delete an episode of a show and don’t manually tell it not to record the next airing. I appreciate any input into this – thank you.
(two 4th gen tablos, viewing on Android, FireTV/stick, Roku)

Along with the unsolved question, when a show is set to “Record All” because it’s older, how do you stop it from recording duplicates? Yes, Record Duplicates is off, but it appears the the Tablo has no idea that I’ve already watched two full seasons of a show and keeps trying to record them.

I can only prevent this by using the Upcoming Airings section and manually telling each episode to not record. Otherwise, it records and I forget where I’m at, and still have to manually delete anything I didn’t want.

Does the Tablo not keep a list somewhere of what it’s recorded? Is this something that’s always occurred with these machines?

No, it does not record an episode that’s already saved on the Tablo. But once it’s watched and deleted, it will record it immediately again without question.

Anything I can do to make this easier? Right now, it’s become so overwhelming that I’m making a typed list of what I’ve watched because it’s so easy to forget when all unwatched episodes are marked “new”. (Actually, if you watch it and then mark it unwatched, it shows new again. Maybe there should be a time frame on how long a show is marked this way?)

Thanks for any explanation or help, Tabloians. Tabloites?

Someone told the DVR software to “record all” and turned off “no dups”. The DVR software doesn’t know “you” watched and episode. A family can have more then one person.

Some users want to use record all and no dups to record all because the episodes may occur on channels with different video quality and/or where signal quality may vary.

maybe the gen 4 has some new options to manage this but I haven’t seen or heard of it yet. But I do stay away from the firetv stick. There is only so much pain I’m allowed to inflict on myself.

Okay… so I’m not really sure what you were trying to say in a lot of this.

I’m the only one using the Tablo. Even if there were 5 other people in my household, there’s still no reason to re-record an episode that was on yesterday, watched, deleted, then airing again today.

Going with the multiple person scenario, wouldn’t it be better to record a show once, and if a single person missed it, they could go in and manually record it?

What I do think I understood from your reply was that this is how it’s been since the first every Tablo. Meaning, if you record a show, it will always record repeat episodes if it’s syndicated and you cannot select “new episodes only.”

To me, “Record All” with “No Duplicates” would suggest I wanted all airings – new or old – and to not duplicate them, regardless if this is on one channel or multiple.

Since you didn’t have any solution to the multiple re-recordings, I assume this is something you’ve had to do on your Legacy Tablos as well. If this is how they’ve always operated, that’s pretty important information to know. So people know they’ll have to spend ten minutes a day telling a DVR to either record specific episodes, or record all and tell it to not record specific episodes.

Either way, it defeats the purpose of a device that’s supposed to take the guesswork out of recording. Maybe the box should say, “You’ll need to keep a list of what you want recorded because this thing will do whatever it wants.” Maybe multiple file deletion as some have suggested would make this a quite less painful option.

Not sure why you brought up the FIrestick, but here are my very lengthy thoughts...

As for the different ways I watch the Tablo, 1) Android/GoogleTV, 2) Firestick/TV, 3) Roku. There’s too many extra features in the first two apps to even bother with the Roku. The ads are easily ignored, no background play or sound, and if nothing else, a different launcher makes it look just as blocky as the Roku. The Roku Tablo app is way too slow, clunky, and is awkward to navigate. I like being able to easily pause live TV, get show information, or check out what else is on by pressing a single button and not needing to return to the live grid, so the first two work better for my needs. (Roku has ads as well, changes the background when it wants – you can tell it no, but sometimes a software update will trigger this again – and continues to add more sections on the left that I have to go in and turn off manually.)

We all have different wants with our devices. If Roku works best for a person, that’s great! If AppleTV is their thing, awesome! I don’t live in any particular ecosystem and so I’m not stuck with a particular way things operate. I find each stick beneficial in it’s own way.

AppleTV has it’s uses. Android/Google has it’s uses. Roku has it’s uses. All three in one household can work together and make the viewing experience that much more enjoyable. Nothing will ever be available for every OS in the exact same way, if at all.

Users should use whatever add-on equipment is best for them and hope that manufacturers realize the opportunity for multiple versions of their software.

My Roku cam only works on a Roku device. Thus the reason for owning a Roku. But I use it on an LG with WebOS and so it’s also valuable for frndly tv and Tablo which are not available for it.

I had the last HD version of the AppleTV and found that certain apps I wanted didn’t exist (a browser would have made it usable, though.) But the same applies to every HDMI add-on I own.

My 70 year old mom loves her Roku, and if something isn’t available for it, she doesn’t want it. Her needs are simple and met with that device. What she wants it for usually works well for her through it. And, TBH, there’s rarely a phone call from her asking how to fix it. I can’t imagine if I had to explain how to force quit an app to clear its cache or data!

Sure, the Roku has apps that are not available elsewhere, but so does everything. (It’s also had the biggest lead due to age and price.)

Point is, I will use whatever works for my needs. I don’t enjoy all 3 HDMI ports plugged up between 2 sticks and a Blu-Ray, but nothing is the perfect device.

Go with what’s best for you. We all do that, as we should.

Just because someone watched it and delted it doesn’t mean everyone who wanted to watch it did.

And I only know of the manual method which you also seem to know.

And I’m not sure how, if you have a 2 week schedule, a person spends 10 minutes every day managing just this capability.

Because when it comes to certain OTA and FAST channels, they only have a handful of shows. If a channel airs a show for 4 hours, that’s 8 episodes of possible repeats.

I went through and stopped 10 recordings yesterday. Then this morning I had to do it again to 12. This is one channel and one show. It’s also important to keep in mind that the guide refreshes and sometimes episodes will air in place of what was scheduled.

A 14 day guide sounds great, but this isn’t always the time frame possible. Yesterday it went out as far as 12 days, then everything dropped off. So however far out it goes today, it would have added between 1 and 3 days to catch up.

I appreciate that you’ve shared that this is how it’s worked with previous versions of the Tablo. That’s had to be frustrating for you over the years. I now know this is “normal” behavior for these products.

As the saying goes, though, there’s always room for improvement. Just because something’s always been one way, doesn’t mean it can’t be better. So until then, I will keep my list of watched episodes and stop the ones I don’t need. (There’s so much less clicking if you cancel it before it records!)

I’m not frustrated at all. I run with “no dups”. And I’m not very interested in sub-channel shows that aired 15+ years ago. And I didn’t care for most of them when they originally aired.

But the guide update that appears to be spontaneous in the gen 4 really is a rather poor design. If a user can’t expect a stable guide that lasts for more then 24 hours at a specific time of day what good is it.

The guide updates do feel pretty random.

As I started this post, I was left with a whole day of shows that recorded but were incorrect. This would have been a great time for the guide to have updated, or if the changes had been pushed by the network.

And of course there are the opposites when I’m relying on catching an episode and suddenly it’s not there. Twice I’ve missed the first episode or two of a show and still set it to record because they were to repeat in a few days, only to be left without the pilot episodes that never repeated.

Even when it comes to the offered FAST channels, there are at least 2 that are never correct, and one that’s sometimes right. This makes the guide useless in even more ways!

We’ll never be privy to when it updates, where it gets its information from, or how to change it. I’ve had each Tablo set with different zip codes to test that whole theory as well!

I wonder if the Legacy under a paid subscription fee was better. When you’re paying for something, there’s a little more inspiration for the company to ensure accuracy, and you’re entitled to feeling wronged when things don’t work properly! Currently it’s like their operating model is: It’s free, you get what you pay for.

Well, I guess telling the Tablo to NOT record something before it records doesn’t mean a thing if it’s still set to record all episodes. My guess is that with it’s 2a voodoo, it refreshed itself and decided I wanted to record everything I unchecked! That, or because I rebooted it trying to take care of other issues… Yay!

At this point, it’s probably easier if I stop the entire show from recording and go in manually to record any upcoming episodes not already on my system. A little backwards, but worth a try. Just… tired of tracking down every episode I either want or don’t want to record. Regardless, I’ve got to make a typed or written list for every show I ever want to record for a series that’s not new.