Channel annotations

I wish I could annotate my channels. In Denver, channel 6 is PBS, but you wouldn’t know it to look at the Tablo Live TV display. Ideally there would be someplace in “settings” where I could annotate my channels. Maybe I could even pick from a drop-down list of icons. Then in the Live TV display there could be a snazzy little PBS icon next to channel 6. Or I could hand-key “P” and “B” and “S” into a field and this would appear in the Live TV display next to channel 6.

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Feature already requested. Many times.

+1 this feature request. If the TV guide service doesn’t already provide network names and icons that Tablo can leverage, users should have a easy way (settings menu) to manually add them. If a network name and icon is not available, Tablo can fall-back to displaying the cryptic station identification letters only for that channel.