Channel 11.2 Guide Data Not Showing Up

Guide Data for this channel is not showing up.
Channel 11.2 & 45.2 (MOVIES)

Please fix this. (This was working a year ago).

Sorry to hear that.

Can you touch base with support and let them know the zip code you’re using for your Tablo?

That way they can get a ticket started with our guide provider:

I’m in the Phoenix Area and having similar issues getting guide data. Just hooked it up yesterday and can get guide data for 3 of the 10 stations I selected for my guide. Tried changing the zip code. Tried resetting the device. Tried manual refreshing.

Bupkus thus far…

Sent an email to Tablo Support hoping they’re able to help out. Otherwise, count me as a very frustrated new customer.

Hmm central Phoenix? I’m way out in east Mesa and get more than 10 stations all with guide data (except the one I posted about). Just using a $50 leaf antenna.

Something seems odd with your situation.

I’m in East Mesa and I get 42 channels, but I only have 10 added to the guide because they’re the only ones I care about.