Changing to a Larger Hard Drive

A while ago I read that there was not a way of swapping out a 2TB hard drive to a larger Hard Drive without losing previous recorded shows. Is there a way now that is easy to follow? I don’t want to lose what I already recorded. Also what is the size that Tablo now supports? Thank you for any help.

Sorry no.

And any size.

The ‘no’ is about an easy way. The old hard way (basically cloning the old drive to the new but leaving all of the new drive space accessible) still works, though it can be difficult to get just right (given different Tablo/computer drive formats/formatting and the need to copy thousands of files perfectly. If you already have the bigger drive (so no financial cost) and are willing to invest the time, you have nothing to lose but the time. If it doesn’t work, when you plug the new drive in, just pull it out and put the old one back in. (Make sure not to leave the unsuccessful new drive - assuming it didn’t work - in overnight when the guide and database updates/maintenance occur, and if you get a message when you put the new drive in asking you to format it, don’t do it so you don’t lose your old recordings; just put the old one back.) Of course do this only at your own risk.

I’m pretty sure somewhere on Tablo Devs’ to-do list there must be an item for “improved HD migration” :slight_smile: Probably buried under umpteen issues with day-to-day operations. :frowning:

I think I’m going to be glad in the long run that I started out with a 3TB drive…

Use Tablo ripper app. And create a plex drive so you can access over your TV.

Tablo software is designed to support DVR functionality and not necessarily video library concepts. Rip the recordings you want to a PLEX server.

I record at 720p and get freaky when I accumulate 250GB. That’s 100+ viewing hours - and I’m still recording new programs.

I’m never going to get through 100+ hours plus new recordings unless I’m locked up in prison with a TV and tablo remote connect. And even that’s a problem because once the remote connection breaks I won’t have a cell phone to call home to reset the tablo unit.

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Using tablo exporter I believe on my Mac. Rip to plex server. Keeps Tablo clean and the family loves using plex.

Hell they like not watching commercials the most.

Does the Tablo Exporter scrub commercials or is it a Plex function? All programs or just some new, popular programs? I’ve been told previously that the Tivo ad-scrubbing service is only for popular programs and is done by humans that flag the ads.

Tablo does not remove commercials and neither does plex. You need an app such as com skip. You can google it for all the information you need.

Imo, use Tablo exporter, move to plex, and ffwd through them like you would on the Tablo.

@Bardel, the commercial removal is not a function in Plex. I don’t know the commercial removal process when using Tablo Exporter. But I use a combination of TabloRipper-MCEBuddy-Comskip-Plex. Tabloripper pulls recordings from Tablo HDD. MCEBuddy with Comskip removes commercials from the recordings then transfers to specified Plex folder. The commercial free recordings are then available for viewing in Plex.